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east manhattan Finally Gets a Name

Most of Manhattan Beach neighborhoods have quaint nicknames like the tree, sand and hill section. East Manhattan Beach however has never earned a distinguished name until now: Manhattan Knolls.

If you are familiar with Manhattan Beach, you probably know that the area east of Sepulveda is simply known as East Manhattan. Those that have had the privilege of living in East Manhattan understand the many great things that it offers that are challenging to find west of Sepulveda. However, it never earned that respected descriptive name that has charmed the areas of the Sand, Hill and Tree Sections; a name that everyone loves, and residents can proudly call their own. It’s time to give East Manhattan a name as descriptive as the others.  READ MORE

Why call it Manhattan Knolls?

When you look back at the many historic photos of Manhattan Beach before it was extensively developed you can clearly see that much of the area East of Sepulveda was built over a series of small rolling hills (knolls). A large property East of Meadows once owned by the Kuhn family was called The Knoll but the neighborhood was never officially named as such.

Click to see evidence of the name The Knoll from  this 1973 article in the Daily Breeze

Because all the neighborhoods have been mainly named after a physical characteristic, it only seemed right to choose the dominant topographical feature of East Manhattan Beach and use that as it its proposed name.

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let's talk


When you speak to residents and ask about the new name you will quickly find instant support. Residents have stated that it’s like having a child without a name. Who would do that? You wouldn’t call your third born, “The third one”. Why call this part of town, “The East one”? There is nothing particularly wrong with being called East, but many residents expressed that it just doesn’t resonate as a place you want to call home. With the proposed name in place, imagine someone asked you where you lived; how would that conversation go?

“Hi, so where do you live?”
“Well I happen to live in Manhattan Knolls?”
“Oh, I’ve never heard of that! Where exactly is it?”
“It’s in a beautiful area of Manhattan Beach known for its small rolling hills, large yards, plenty of parking and walking/biking distance to not only the elementary school but the middle school and high school. It’s also home to the largest park in the area, Polliwog Park which hosts Manhattan Beach’s summer series of free concerts in the park. If you want a little more space from your neighbors, great topography, room for swimming pools, prefer to take walks with your kids and pets along sidewalks and prefer slightly larger homes for the money, it’s the place you want to live.”

george & ed


George Reppucci, a 30 year East Manhattan Beach resident, a published Manhattan Beach history researcher, and a retired Northrop Grumman/TRW program manager, knew that local real estate agent Ed Kaminsky of Strand Hill Properties not only lived in several homes in “Manhattan Knolls” but also sold more of these homes than anyone else to his clients. In addition, Ed still chooses to live East of Sepulveda given all of the choices he has. George approached Ed with his personal disappointment of living in an area named after a point on the compass. Ed and George immediately put their heads together to find out both how the city politicians, local historians and of course local residents felt about it. It was immediately clear that there was an absolute wave of support in giving East Manhattan a name. Manhattan Knolls was suggested and the plan was born to move it into reality.

more VALUE?


What drives the value of any real estate is of course supply and demand like any other product. The largest draw for Manhattan Beach home buyers, besides of course the perfect Southern California climate, is certainly the excellent school system. Any community that offers great education tends to fare better on appreciation of real estate values. In addition is the community “feel” that is rare to find in Los Angeles, from home town fairs, fireworks display during year end holidays, the many community gatherings like The Friendship walk that serves all of the local schools as well as special needs children and their families. Truly, the list is endless of great reasons to live and own property in Manhattan Beach. The Manhattan Knolls name could certainly have a positive effect on how the neighborhood is perceived and that could drive increased demand. Increased demand could have a very positive long term effect on home values. It may not be immediate and it may not be noticeable but long term it certainly could have an influence. It certainly wouldn’t have any negative affect on the value. So whether you prefer to leave things just the way they are or prefer to embrace the suggested name change your vote and opinion is appreciated. VOTE TODAY.

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